Tuesday We Work Out Our Backs

That’s right. Tuesday is all about working out our back muscles!

Since we’re going to be working out big muscles on our backs, make sure to follow this work out with a high protein meal!

Monday is Leg Day

If you do leg work outs Fridays then you know you will be waiting for the squat rack for quite some time.

How to Eat “Healthy” at an Aunty’s House

Almost every single weekend there is some sort of a get together… Excluding weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties, aunties will find any reason to have a event. Sometimes the parties are really long and boring and other times they aren’t too bad. But lets face it, the most wonderful part about these events is the…

Egg Whites & Avocados

If you follow my Instagram page, you’ll notice I have eggs whites and avocados almost every morning! Not only is there so many ways to eat eggs and avocados but there are so many great reasons why it’s good a great start to your day.

My Story

As soon as I hit the age of 21 I had reached my highest weight. It wasn’t only the numbers on the scale that alarmed me but I realized I always felt sick, tired, and had lost most of my self confidence.

Desi Girls Can Lift Too?

Aunty: “Young girls your age shouldn’t lift anything heavy, it affects their ability to reproduce.”