Egg Whites & Avocados

The other morning, my father in law says to my husband and I, “I don’t understand how you guys eat this rabbit food,” referring our breakfast, “Every morning I eat a paratha which is high in carbohydrates. I’m over 50 years old, look at how healthy I am.”

If you don’t know what a parata is, it’s a fluffy and flaky bread that’s made from white flour and LOTS of ghee (butter). I love my father-in-law and all but lets get real, he takes 2-3 different pills every morning for his health issues. This reminded me of a hilarious video by famous YouTube star Jus Reign, “Desi Parents and Health”. Check it out by hitting the following link: (You’ll notice that desi parents are a lot more forgiving of weight towards to boys…).

Getting back on topic, if you follow my Instagram page @desigirlgetsfit, you’ll notice I have eggs whites and avocados almost every morning! Not only are there so many ways to eat eggs and avocados but there are many reasons why it’s a great start to your day.

First of all, egg whites are high in protein and you can eat lots of it! Eggs with yolk are healthy in omega fats but has almost a full day’s worth of cholesterol. I have about 2-3 egg whites every morning and add different spices and veggies for variation. But I also love egg yolks so I also have omlettes with one whole egg and add plain egg whites.

Avocados are very nutritious but most of all, avocados are made up of healthy fats. A low carbohydrate meal in the morning is great for your body. Our bodies usually burn carbohydrates for energy, but with the lack of carbohydrates in your system, your body will start burning fat for fuel. Also, it’s a great excuse to have guacamole whenever you want!

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  1. I love avocados and eggs but I can never seem to know a lot of recipes for either. Therefore, I have a hard time having them on regular basis. I am sure by following your page, I can get new recipes!
    Thanks Nabeelah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desigirlscanlifttoo says:

      No problem, glad to see you joining me! There are SO many ways to eat eggs and avocados I’ll be sharing more soon!


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