How to Eat “Healthy” at an Aunty’s House

Almost every single weekend there is some sort of a get together…

Excluding weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties, aunties will find any reason to have a event.

Sometimes the parties are really long and boring and other times they aren’t too bad.

But lets face it, the most wonderful part about these events is the food.

Chicken biriyani, egg korma, achari eggplant and all kinds of food decorate the table:


Don’t even get me started on desserts…


I enjoy indulging on Saturdays which are usually my cheat days, but there are some weeks I don’t want to ruin my streak of healthy eating. When I usually try to avoid these events, I make excuses I have work but sometimes there is no escaping the party. So what to do?

I found a few tricks to eating relatively healthier:

  1. Skip the curries, aim for baked or roasted meats – Curries are often cooked with lots of oil and salt. Luckily aunties cook a variety of different styles of meats, so there are usually roast chicken or baked fish.
  2. Stack up on the salad – If there is biryani, there is salad. Usually made up of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and onions, I fill at least 50% of my plate with salad so that when an aunty tries to serve me more food there is no room to put it. That’s when I say, “Oh thank you aunty, I’ll come back for some more later,” and I don’t.
  3. Distinguish the deep fried kebabs from the pan cooked kebabs – There are so many different ways to make kebab. Avoid the breaded kebabs which are usually dunked into oil and deep friend. The kebabs not breaded are usually pan fried, which are better of the two.
  4. Don’t be fooled by the Vegetable Jalfraize – Everyone has their own way of cooking vegetables but in some cases this vegetable dish like the others, have lots of oil and salt. If this dish has vegetables that look more distinguishable and has less gravy, this probably the better option. If the vegetable jalfraize looks more soupy and mushy then I would avoid it altogether.
  5. Opt out for the biryani and go for the white rice – Biryani is my favourite, avoiding this is the hardest to do! Biriyani is made of rice that is fried in oil, boiled in more oil and butter and then mixed and cooked in the oven with a meat or vegetables that is also cooked with oil. White rice is better of the two options but sometimes I can’t help myself but enjoy a small serving.

So that brings me to my point. It’s okay two splurge one day or two of the week on a delicious meal!


The tips above are for only when you are really not in the mood to spoil your diet and have been going to these parties every week and sometimes twice a week. As long as you’re not doing it every day there is no shame in indulging because I know I will be once in a while!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. HAHA! I am in love with this article of yours! Since I am also desi, I can relate in so many ways when I am trying to cut back on my calories. Desi Aunties love feeding us and believe that we are too skinny.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desigirlscanlifttoo says:

      Thanks! Haha we’re always too fat or too skinny -_-


  2. Maya says:

    Hahahah ! This is a great way to analyze eating habits that are easily lost in the get togethers of many! Great way to be aware in any situation!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. togetoutside says:

    Just love love love how you integrate cultural stories with your fitness blog. Keep the stories coming!


  4. desigirlscanlifttoo says:

    Thanks Maya!


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