It’s Okay to Have a Bad Day or Week…

Unfortunately my father was submitted to the hospital on the last week of October and only released two nights ago. Since my mom had left to go back home for a cousins wedding, my brother and I who have both moved out took turns staying at the hospital with him.

I was there almost every night since my brother worked full time. So I didn’t care to eat healthy or work out, I was tired all the time and lived off of the hospitals Tim Horton’s. I tried just about everything on the menu and looking at a Tim Horton’s just makes me sick…

What I’m trying to really say is that, I feel bummed out about my progress. It feels like took 1 step forward and 5 steps backward. BUT reminding myself of those days when I felt very unmotivated made me remember to stay sportive. There will be days or even a week or so where it’s okay to take a break and attend to something important!


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