Keto Update!

It’s been a week of keto and I wanted to share my experience with you all!

The first day of keto was very difficult. The easy part was making omelettes and baking chicken and vegetables. But, hardest part was the cravings! I absolutely felt deprived of carbs. It didn’t help that my family were having “kichdi” a rice-lentil comfort food that people in my culture tend to have on a cold or rainy day. I haven’t had this in ages and it took a lot to refrain from even having just a spoonful because that would totally knock my body off of ketosis. I also have a sweet tooth which I usually satisfy with fruits and my weakness, dark chocolate. It was tough avoiding carbs, but surprisingly I did not feel hungry because I actually felt full by just eating meat and vegetables.

By the second day, I felt awful! I felt slow, nauseous and feverish… This is called “keto flu”. When you deprive your body of carbohydrates, the shift to burning fat for energy is a chemical process which causes the feeling of sickness. This occurred for a few days, and I tried my hardest to maintain my diet, but there was no cardio done for a few days. I did some body weight training at home and kept hydrated as I felt very thirsty.

By the fourth day, it was like the keto flu never happened. I felt amazing! I felt very energetic throughout the day. I found that my carb cravings at this point were basically diminished and I was able to push more weight!

I also lost 6lbs in one week. ONE WEEK. BUT, studies show that people can lose up to 8-10 pounds of water weight our bodies naturally tend to hold.

Although I completed keto for a week, I read that it’s best to do for 2-3 months, so I will definitely try it again AFTER the holidays when I get back to a more realistic routine because I’m not planning on missing all the goodness served exclusively in the holiday season!

In conclusion, do I recommend it as a lifestyle? Nope. Realistically I found keto as a good way to curb appetite and stop cravings – kind of like a “reset”. I can see myself continuing a low carb diet generally, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this forever. Now, if you truly enjoyed keto and can see yourself doing this for a long period of time, try for a few weeks and definitely check in with a doctor.

My recommendation is to eat whole foods and work out which I will try my best to continue on and make it a lifestyle rather than a short-term routine!




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  1. nataliedcomm says:

    I tried the keto diet after my first and second baby, after I had my first baby I saw a big difference in my body weight but after my second baby not so much. But it definitely resets your cravings to 0, I could say after the first 3 horrible days of the diet are up it’s a breeze after


    1. desigirlscanlifttoo says:

      Yeah! It definitely gets easier. I’m so down to continue it but I don’t see myself doing this forever. It’s a commitment and going out to eat it’s very limited. I’m a bit of a foodie and enjoy all different kinds of foods so my plans to enjoy that but make sure I work out a little extra those days!


  2. Asima Mohammad says:

    This is great! I am trying to lose weight but i can never figure out which diet to go for. There are so many out there!
    I’m going to try keto diet for sure!

    Thanks Nabeelah!


    1. desigirlscanlifttoo says:

      Thanks Asima for your comment! That’s awesome but definitely research a bit more and check on with a doctor! I recommend this type of diet for short time as it really curbs those cravings for unhealthy food!


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